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" Something About Lynn's & Lynn "


                  With humble beginnings Lynn Winter began her career not as a restaurateur, but as a custom woodworker in Kentucky and Northern California. Although seemingly disparate professions, woodworking fulfilled for Lynn her desire to incorporate art into everyday life. After eight years of furniture making, a twist of fate led Lynn to waiting tables. She loved the pace, the people and the possibilities of the restaurant business. She sold her woodworking tools, and prepared to open a restaurant of her own.

                  Lynn opened Lynn's Paradise Café in 1991 in Louisville, Kentucky, creating a unique setting that attracts a diverse group of people from around the world. She made them feel welcome, introduced new twists on food and drink, including the introduction of the first espresso machine in the state of Kentucky and brought new life to the dining experience in areas that had not been fully explored. The restaurant remains a tribute to her originality, providing food, fun and community in a visually stimulating, ever changing environment.

                  The Café has garnered its share of national and regional press in newspapers, magazines and television. Numerous features include being named 'One of the Four Most Fun Restaurants in America' by Esquire magazine, notable articles in Southern Living, USA Today, The New York Times, Bon Appetit and The Atlantic Monthly. Lynn's has also appeared on the 'Best of' and 'Throwdown with Bobby Flay' on the Food Network, CBS's 'Travels with Harry' and 'The Oprah Show'. Lynn has also had the honor of cooking for two Inaugural Balls. 'Decide for yourself: Is this a great restaurant with amazing art' or an amazing art gallery with a great restaurant?' Jane and Michael Stern's book, 'Roadfood'. Most recently in the 'Lexington Herald Leader' Patti Nickell described us with this quote, 'If Salvadore Dali and Dolly Parton were to team up to open a restaurant, they might come up with Lynn's Paradise Café'.

                  Since 1996, she has been working in the relatively new field of Positive Psychology as a Happiness Coach, helping people utilize their strengths in their private as well as professional lives. After a sabbatical at UCLA, Lynn has continued her love of art in daily life through design, cooking, writing, fine art photography and most recently film and television. Lynn has been able to turn her involvement with her restaurant into an opportunity to get involved with the community in other ways. She has spearheaded many community art projects. She worked for over ten years with the Kentucky Restaurant Association. During her term as president with the KRA she worked both in Kentucky and in Washington, DC to legislatively bring about a healthy atmosphere to restaurants. She is active and has been for over twenty years in supporting family farms and bringing farmers and consumers together for the mutual benefit of the community. She was a leading force in Urban Re-Development, bringing new life to the downtown area. After studying with John Carver, she initiated a move to bring local non-profit organizations together with national specialists in Board Governance.

                  Lynn has received numerous awards and honors such as, 'Entrepreneur of the Year Award' from Ernst and Young, 'The Tower Award for Women Leaders', 'Louisville's Distinguished Citizens Award', 'Louisville's 40 under 40', National Restaurant Association's 'Chairman's Award for Grassroots Leadership 'Woman Business Owner of the Year' and 'Best Restaurateur' in Louisville Magazine,

                  Her entrepreneurial ways led Lynn to open the World of Swirl, a very eclectic retail store. This expansion to the restaurant includes her own line of clothing 'Magic Pants' which introduces the concept of gym to the boardroom, as well as 'The Birth of Swirl', a book uncovering the true story of the world you will enter at Lynn's. The store has many items that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Lynn currently has a thriller in the works, 'The Secret Life of Meatloafé, topped by a scratch and sniff sticker of her own formulation.

                  Every year we host numerous events, including the International Ugly Lamp Contest held at the Kentucky State Fair for ten days (come see the beauties displayed at the restaurant), the Lynntoberfest where we hold a scratch & sniff 'Beer Off' to win an all expense paid weekend to Berlin, Ohio, Mother's Day & Father's Day, mothers receiving gifts such as ear plugs with racing flames and a raffle for a Lazy Boy and Universal remote control for Dads and ever changing gifts each year, the ever popular New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Pajama Party (receiving such prizes as a whoopee cushion that say 'have a gas at Lynn's), and Pi Day, the mathematical event of the year March, 14 (3.14) where you receive a homemade chicken pot pie squared with a homemade cherry pie. We top off the Derby Festival with 'Frenzy at the Finish' the day after Derby, tons of entertainment including an opportunity to have your photograph taken with the 'winning horse', the nationally acclaimed 'Louisville Leopard Percussionists', plenty of Bluegrass to mention only a few of the happenings at the 'Frenzy' You never know what or who you may encounter.

                  It's a constant evolution of art and events at Lynn's. You can be sure of one thing and that is to expect the Unexpected!!